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To meet the needs of the twenty first century the aims and objectives of Britain in Bloom are constantly changing. The effects of global warming and the loss of wildlife habitats have meant that greater emphasis is now being placed on environmental and ecological issues.



In the North West Region our local authorities, bloom and neighbourhood groups are, not only providing more wild life habitats but, are meeting the needs of our birds, bees, butterflies and insects by cultivating more wildflower areas and incorporating more pollinating/bee friendly and herbaceous plants in their landscaping and bedding schemes.



One of the successful stories for North West in Bloom has been the It's Your Neighbourhood (IYN) Section, introduced by our national body the Royal Horticultural Society in 2004 with the aim of encouraging communities to work closely together to improve the areas where they live. The IYN's have been a resounding success and North West in Bloom now has over five hundred entries in this category.



Alongside IYN numbers, North West in Boom has ninety-five entries in the core categories and thirty-nine entries in the regional categories. The RHS are promoting Growing Social this year, see their website for further information.




North West in Bloom is meeting the needs of the twenty first century and I would personally like to thank all our entries for the work they are undertaking to make the region far cleaner, greener, colourful and environmentally friendly.



I would also like to say a big thank you to the North West in Bloom panel of judges for all the work in judging the entries and giving 'on the spot' advice.



Again, I would also to thank Julie Youngs and her administrative team for their splendid work in

administrating the campaign and the organisation of the three Presentation Days at Southport.




Last, but by no means least, I would like to thank my Executive Committee and my Vice Chair Bernard Pendleton for their continued support.



May I wish you all a Happy and Productive Year.


Bill Blackledge MBE


Chair - North West in Boom

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